Andalucia 4X4 Recce - a fantastic adventure!

Every now and then, usually years apart, a trip happens where everything just gels perfectly, and it goes down and gets remembered as one of those special ones. Our recent Andalucia 4X4 Reconnaissance tour was just such an outstanding adventure. Check out the action...

After airing down to off-road pressures, we get straight to the bush and shortly up some hills

Andy, Yassir, Nigel & Petra, Dafydd & Beth; hardy souls who made for a truly epic adventure

My boy Louis started tours with me when he was 5yrs old, an experienced and capable guy

This adventurous group loved wild camping, and with good reason, wild camps are the best

We paid our dues early in the trip, thankfully, overcoming some foul and unpleasant weather

Fortunately, before long the good times returned, and it was sunny up in the hills once again

That's the snow-laden Sierra Nevada, but first we enjoy a day out exploring ancient Granada

We track dry riverbeds down south, exploring gorges and canyons, which echo the Anti Atlas

One of half a dozen most beautiful wild camps we enjoyed, plus traffic la Maroc the next day

Picturesque tracks through abandoned farmlands, beauty is in abundance if you love nature

Original Andalucia: from next year we offer this new, fully catered 10 day 4X4 adventure tour

BBQ Meals: rib-eye steaks with black peppercorn sauce, mash and salad; chicken breasts with fusilli and Arabiata sauce; whole rack of baby back ribs with potato salad and yoghurt sauce; flame grilled 100% beef burgers with fried onion rings and brioche rolls; succulent tenderloin in jus with buttery mash and salad. Followed by coffee and dessert/chocolates.

Casserole Meals: red Thai curry chicken with jasmine rice; Chilli con carne; spaghetti Bolognese with Parmesan; chicken Katzu curry. Followed by coffee and dessert/chocolates.

ACTIVE 4X4 ADVENTURES unique, fully catered 4X4 adventure tours to Original Andalucia

Next running sometime tbc in 2023, please get in touch if interested Andalucia 4X4 Original