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Enjoy Our Delicious Catering & BBQ Braai's!

These are the only UK based 4X4 tours to include delicious full catering.


The above photos show meals prepared and served on our fully catered 4X4 adventure tours over the past 15 years, with a typical menu below.


All meals are prepared to be delicious, nutritious and well balanced, and always prioritise organically produced, unrefined, whole grain ingredients.


Separately prepared plant based meals are available by prior request.

ASET registration with the Level 2 Award in Food Safety for Catering.

CPD Level 4 Advanced Personal Trainer qualification includes Diet & Nutrition, accredited by the UK Register of Exercise Professionals REPS, endorsed by the leading US American Council of Sports Medicine ACSM.

Breakfasts - fresh filter coffee & tea; muesli, cereals & milk; granola bars; wholegrain flapjacks; bread, butter & marmalade

Lunches -    fruit, fresh local bread with cold meats, salads, hummus, cheese, tomatoes, tuna mayo, coronation chicken etc

Dinners -     BBQ 100% beef burgers with fried onion rings, served with large burger rolls

                    Casserole beef steak bredie with carrots, peas & beans, served with baby potatoes

                    BBQ chicken quarters with peri-peri marinade, served with savoury vegetable rice

                    BBQ whole rack of ribs flame-grilled on charcoal, served with coleslaw & potato salad

                    Grilled salmon fillets with lime & cracked pepper, served with fusilli & tomato sauce

                    BBQ lamb double Barnsley chops with Mediterranean herbs, served with cous cous

                    Casserole chicken korma curry with parsnips & almonds, served with basmati rice

                    BBQ beef kebabs with sweet peppers & prunes, served with saffron cous cous

                    Casserole sausage hotpot with potatoes, carrots & beans, served with fresh local bread

                    BBQ chicken fillet kebabs with sweet peppers & apricots, served with fusilli & sauce

                    Pan grilled chorizo paella with peppers, garlic & pimento, served with paella rice

                    BBQ belly of pork with Chinese spice marinade, served with savoury cous cous

                    Casserole beef mince Bolognese with parmesan cheese, served with spaghetti

                    BBQ chicken quarters with lime & coriander marinade, served with savoury rice

                    Casserole beef tagine with almonds, dates & honey, served with savoury cous cous

                    BBQ rib-eye steaks flame grilled on charcoal, served with mash & mixed salads

Desserts -   Special trifle, almond & cherry cake, fruit salad & custard, fresh filter coffee & tea

Prime aged rib-eye steaks on the braai
Prime aged rib-eye steaks on the braai
Whole racks of juicy ribs on the braai
Succulent chicken quarters on the braai
Chinese-spiced pork belly on the braai
Whole racks of juicy ribs on the braai
Succulent chicken quarters on the braai
Chinese-spiced pork belly on the braai
Tender chicken thighs on the braai
Juicy lamb steaks on the braai
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