Experience Exciting Adventure Activities


Each of our tours include two or three different adventure activities, water based and land based, so clients will get to experience a variety of options, such as river rafting, downhill off-road scooters, kayaking, mountain biking, canyoning, camel treks in the desert, quad biking in the dunes, and more...


In addition to being the only UK 4X4 tour operator to include full catering 3 meals per dayactive 4x4 adventures are also the only tours which include outdoor adventure activities as standard within all of the itineraries.

Rest assured, an active 4x4 adventure is not a 'boot camp' - the focus is on fun and enjoyment, not exertion and exhaustion! As such, the outdoor adventure activities are carefully selected to be suitable for all ages and abilities. All of the adventure activities on all of the tours have been properly scrutinised to ensure that they are completely safe and enjoyable.

There is no need to be super fit in order to enjoy the adventure activities, an average level of fitness and good health generally are all that is necessary.

The adventure activities are never compulsory nor is there any pressure to participate. There are always other options available for those who prefer.

Legal eligibility requirement for water sports: participants must be able to swim and to be momentarily submerged.

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