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Unique qualifications and experience!

In addition to over 15 years providing fully catered 4X4 tours, I have the following unique qualifications and experience, which ensure that I am very well equipped to expertly guide your ACTIVE 4X4 ADVENTURE:

NCO Combat Ops Medic with 2 years Counter-Insurgency Operations

(13 enemy contacts involving gunshot wounds, traumatic amputations, haemo&pneumothorax, blast burns, hypovolemic shock, resuscitation),

Level 2 Diploma in Food Safety and Handling for Catering Operations,

Level 4 Advanced Personal Trainer & Life Coach with additional CPD qualifications in Low Back Pain and Obesity & Diabetes Management,

Professional Coastal Lifeguard (hands-on resuscitation experience),

I am comfortable in Foreign Cultures and I speak Multiple Languages,

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I train daily and compete regularly in top level obstacle course races (Spartan etc), including the OCR World Championships 2018 and 2019.

Quality Assurance from ACTIVE 4X4 ADVENTURES - below are first-hand clients' testimonials of the services they have received on tour :

"We are still buzzing from the amazing trip in Morocco. We have both travelled extensively in the past but this trip was genuinely one of the best experiences we have ever had. It is an exceptionally well-planned itinerary - there is an abundance of adventure, fun, culture, breath-taking views and new experiences. We loved the variety of riads, caspahs, hotels, and camps we stayed in. Each one was completely unique but they were all charming in their own right and all very comfortable. Barrie and Louis were a fabulous team of hosts; great chefs and super helpful, nothing was too much trouble. We were travelling as a family with our young autistic daughter and Barrie was so exceptionally considerate of her throughout. She is still talking about him now : ) If you are looking for a genuine adventure - off the beaten track, driving up stunning sandbanks in the middle of the Sahara desert, but still with the luxuries of delicious food, comfortable beds, warms showers and a few hours of wifi, then this is your trip. For families who want a more unique trip, look no further. We will be booking another trip with Barrie for sure." Rickard & Jemma Jardemar

"I agreed to go on this trip for my partner Andy’s 60th birthday. He has done a couple of camping tours with Barrie and Louis and when the luxury version came up I decided why not but I was nervous of the amount of driving in a Land Rover. I need not have worried as I had an amazing time, meeting and getting to know new people, seeing the beautiful variety of Moroccan landscapes, great food and two wonderful Braais cooked by Barrie, lovely Riads and my favourite was a stay in a Bedouin camp where Andy had happy birthday sung to him in 5 different languages.  It was a great introduction for me to this type of travel and I’m now even considering a possible camping trip to Algeria with them next year. Thanks Barrie and Louis and hope to see you again soon." Dawn Copping & Andy May


"This is an amazing trip and all meals made,which are delicious, is a massive bonus. Nothing better than getting your meals made for you." Joyce & Roland Scott

"This is the way to do an overland trip. What a fantastic trip with Barrie to Morocco in October 2019. Great guided tour seeing everything off the normal tourist routes and great off roading through the desert and mountains. Within our tour Barrie organised a camel ride to see the sunset, this was brilliant and the following day riding quad bikes through the desert was an excellent and exciting experience. This fully catered trip gave me and my friend a great different experience with excellent catering provided, every night tasting the different meals supplied by Barrie and our lunch stops in the day we both looked forward to very much. This experience I will never forget and all made possible through Barrie and his business Active 4x4 Adventures. I personally recommend if you want to do an overland trip this is the best way to start, or if you are an experienced overland traveller then try this as it takes all the stress and time of organizing all catering. I will be booking another trip with Barrie in 2020 and look forward to another guided tour." Gareth Richardson

"We can’t recommend Barrie highly enough - we had an excellent trip though the Pyrenees. Barrie is an excellent chef and great company too. Everyone really enjoyed the adventure activities - especially the kids." Rachael Comber

"Thank you Barrie for a brilliant trip through the Alps, we look forward to joining you again soon." Ross Howard

"I've travelled the world in the company of many guides, of one form or another, and I have to say that Barrie is amongst the very best. Morocco is a tough and demanding country. We sought an experience that would be a true adventure, and that is exactly what we got. The small size of our group was perfect, no danger of a dozen-vehicle pony trek with these guys!  Moreover, our route was very much off the established tracks, and took us to places that many other operators would fail to reach; from the Cedar Forests of the north, to the High Atlas and Anti Atlas mountains, and the Sahara Desert beyond. In some parts we were able to chart new routes, following dried-up river beds hidden in breathtakingly beautiful canyons and gorges. On any 15-day trek such as this, you have to be prepared for the unexpected, after all, that is what real adventure is about. Barrie handled our changing circumstances and individual needs, both human and mechanical, with an ease underpinned by his intimate understanding and respect for the host country. If you want to see Morocco in a way that will thrill you, inspire you, and leave you wanting more 4X4 adventures in the years to come; then these are the people to go with - I'd follow them anywhere!" Jules Hudson, TV Presenter

"Barrie is very professional and supplied excellent food. The alps tour was superb although our vehicle low range failed so we did the tour in high which was challenging at times but we succeeded. Very scenic and beautiful and being our first event I'd highly recommend it. Just make sure your low range works!!" Amanda Lowe

"It was a great pleasure riding with you and Louis through Morocco, this trip surpassed way beyond my expectations. You guys were great company, I felt very comfortable and learned lots of new things riding with you.  I definitely loved the landscapes and terrain but even more, to be able to see and feel how these people live in the deepest parts of the country and the environments they are surrounded with, I loved the fact that this was not a touristic trip, and it was great to visit markets in towns where no tourist were present, of course I love the desert but driving the canyons and passing through places no people have driven for years was top notch. The last day in Marrakech, getting lost in the market and spending the night in these great riads was an amazing ending to our trip. It was very easy to go beyond our comfort  zone with you, with your great experience, security and your personality, we did not worry about anything other than just enjoying the trip. As you  can guess, I took tons of photos, there are great ones, I have spent this last week reviewing, selecting and pre-editing them. Like I said, I will post a link where you guys can grab them, but I’m sending you a few low res photos to check out so you can get an idea, they are still a work in progress. Thank you for the great experience." Jordi Mejius, 4WD Toyota Owner magazine

"I have nothing but praise for Barrie, from his non-pushy approach in discussing his fully catered 4X4 tours and the sensible, practical advice on vehicle preparation, to his efficient management of the tour itself, both prior to departure and en route. The small group size was perfect to ensure no lengthy convoys, our group decisions were reached quickly, friendships made easily, with minimal disruption to the people and places we passed. I had wanted an adventure without the hassle of taking and preparing lots of food; Barrie's unique catered tour was truly wonderful. Having pitched camp at the end of the day, what better way to relax than with friends over a cooked meal? Barrie prepared some very memorable dishes, from BBQ's to Tagines and was a very genial host to these meals under the stars. As far as the adventure; we had that in spades, exploring new tracks and pistes, with Barrie avoiding the well worn tourist routes, giving the trip a real expedition feel, through some spectacular scenery along some challenging routes." Charles Bagnall


"We cannot express our gratitude enough to Barrie, not only for delivering the most amazing Morocco adventure, but also for making our honeymoon a truly wonderful experience, never to be forgotten. From the outset, Barrie's advice on vehicle preparation was exacting. His reassurance that this would be an adventure, and not a vehicle demolition derby, and that we would see sights along trails not normally visited, were all taken into account before signing up. We wanted a personalised and relaxed service, so that we could unwind and enjoy each other's company, after the mayhem of organising our wedding. All of this Barrie delivered, and more! Being part of a small group ensured that the service provided was excellent and without fault, you could not have asked for more. From the exceptional meals prepared and cooked by Barrie, to his repair of our puncture in a river bed! Barrie's medical care was put to good use by Lucinda, in the form of acute sunburn, which he treated quickly and professionally. At no point did we feel that any of our requests were an effort. Barrie delivered and exceeded every promise made and, what is more, our expectations. We have no hesitation in recommending him."

Jamie Mash & Lucinda Cross

"Thank you for the effort and hard work you put into the Alps trip.  We had a fantastic time and will be recommending you to our friends." Ian Rubie

"Just a thank you for a brilliant trip through the French & Italian Alps." David Pickles

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your family for one of the best holidays we have ever had. My wife, daughter and myself had an amazing time. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour of the Alps, and the scenery and trails we encountered were awesome. The food and meals you prepared and served us were of the highest standard and the portion sizes were huge! I’m amazed that you can get better than restaurant quality from your mobile kitchen. The other holiday guests were fantastic company and the whole setup worked perfectly. We are looking forward to booking our next holiday with you in the near future. Best regards." Jon, Kerry & Meg Matthews

"Thank you for making the dream trip more than I imagined. It's not often this is possible but Barrie blew my mind! The food, the people, the hospitality, the Alpine scenery and the way that you brought 23 people together was just amazing. I can't wait to join you on the next trip. Anybody thinking of going on any of Barrie's trips need not think twice - just book, you will definitely not be disappointed. All the best to you and your lovely family." Andy Booker & Jack Bromley

"Thank you Barrie, Jana, Louis and Amelie for a great holiday in Les Alpes. We had a great time in stunning scenery with good company and obviously great food! Had a nice trip up to Chatel and a nice end to our holiday in a posh hotel. Left after breakfast yesterday and made it home by 1am! Busy at Calais and had to wait but club lounge eased the pain with champagne and open sandwiches! Cheers and travel with you again in the future." Charles Bagnall

"Hi Barrie, Thank you for such a memorable trip to the Alps. Even though it was our first 4X4 tour, we felt completely at ease because of your professionalism. It was great to meet your lovely family and the rest of the group, the incredible support we had from them and yourself when my disco broke down was overwhelming, once again thank you. Kind regards." Colin & Julia Guest

"Thank you for an amazing time. This was our first ever off-roading experience and we were unsure what to expect. We have not had any off-road tuition nor any experience of this kind of trip before. Your knowledge of the terrain and all the places you took us far exceeded expectations. Your guidance over the challenging parts was reassuring and put us at ease, which in turn gave us confidence. Your catering skills are to be commended and made every evening as enjoyable as the days. We had the most fantastic time and we cannot wait for our next trip with Barrie to Portugal." Sean Pollard & Clive Morton

"The Alps was our first off road family holiday and everyone enjoyed the experience thoroughly. This was advertised as a family holiday so we were not sure how tough the trails would be, however we were not disappointed and we encountered tracks which provided a good mix of terrain, obstacles and scenery. There were one or two hairy moments, the highlight being a team effort to dig a path through a steep expanse of frozen snow covering the trail. And the food provided by Barrie was consistently excellent with each of us having our own favourite. It was not all about driving offroad however, with an unexpected visit to Monaco, which went down well with the girls. We would certainly travel with Barrie again and would recommend the Alps Tour, especially to those looking for a great introduction to off road adventures." Kenny, Lynne, Eilidh & Hannah Cuerden

"Of all the places to visit on planet Earth, Botswana & Namibia must be on everyone's list. We stood on the ground of our ancient ancestors, looked at the animals they hunted, cooked on open fires in much the same way they did, under similar starry night skies, whilst talking about the day, and the anticipation of what was to come. And what did come? One 'wow' factor after another. What a magical trip."

Melvyn Langford & Lawrie Bowden

"This is a terrific tour for the adventure seeking traveller who has always wanted to see the broad stretches of Southern Africa, and its amazing variety of wildlife. The trip consisted of about three quarters of the nights camping under the stars, in private campgrounds with shower and toilet facilities, and one quarter of the time luxuriating in lodge accommodations. We especially looked forward to the evening campfire to banter about the day's exploits, hear lectures by our guides, laugh and just plain enjoy the fire and stars. Donna was the one who really wanted to see the wildlife and Africa but I reluctantly came along. Lo and behold I loved it! The local people, the animals, the scenery in the Okavango and Namibia, and especially our fellow travellers, all made for an exceptional trip." Clark & Donna Bowen

"A big thank you for organising a great trip. Although some of the days were spent on hours of driving, it gave a true sense of the immensity of the continent, and we wouldn't have wanted to miss a single one of the places that we camped and stayed at. The game viewing was phenomenal, and we were particularly pleased to have got our Big Five. An excellent addition to your 4X4 tour portfolio."

Sue Cooke & John Scott

"We had a great time. Barrie organised a very good trip. We experienced and saw a lot of Southern Africa, from the wildlife, the people and the amazing scenery. The campsites and lodges we stayed at were great. Great company in the evening around the campfire. Our local guides were fantastic, very knowledgeable, the traditional food they cooked was fantastic, it was like home cooking. We came home from the trip wanting to do more in Southern Africa." Hugh & Jane Houlbrook 

"What a great trip, well up to Barrie's standards. Africa is such a big continent, which meant some long drives, but the campsites, lodges and food at the end of the day were second to none. From the Salt Pans to the Victoria Falls, the River Cruises to the Wild Life Reserves (where we searched for our own animals) they were all interesting, amazing, exciting and sometimes breathtaking. The dry river beds of Damaraland and the tree houses on the Okavango River will always be a great memory, as will meeting the wonderfully helpful local people while shopping for supplies and diesel. The holiday was made especially enjoyable by the good company of our fellow travellers. We are now looking forward to our next trip with Barrie in the Spring." John & Claire Wardle

"We both wanted to say how much we enjoyed the Massif trip! Good tracks, good food and a good group of people. Decent weather would have been even better but we can get that another time. After the disappointment of having to drop out of the Morocco trip last year due to a previously unrecognised manufacturing fault with the Mitsubishi, it was a pleasure to be able to test the truck on some different terrain and enjoy discovering it actually works rather well. We will definitely be booking with you again…..just trying to decide what and when. Again, thanks for a well organised, well led and well fed trip." Brenda & Tony Hill

"The Massif was our best trip with you. The tracks were interesting, varied and sometimes challenging. It must have taken a lot of research to find them. The scenery was stunning. We did not know that there were still such wild and beautiful places in France. Campsites were good and meals were a real bonus. Thank you." Mike & Kate Harley

"Many thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable Portugal trip. It may have rained but I still had a fantastic and memorable holiday which wouldn't have happened without you. Do you have any spaces on the Morocco trip Deep South & Western Sahara in November?" Tom Cardale

"Well we just returned from our trip in Rural Portugal, what an adventure. Absolutely brilliant holiday. We have driven some amazing tracks, camped in some beautiful locations and met some really fantastic people. The weather really pushed the group to the limit as it rained for the majority of the holiday, not what you would expect in April/May in Portugal but with Barrie’s leadership the group remained positive throughout. As a group we have all agreed to do a ‘reunion tour’ to the Alps in 2017. That really should speak volumes! Thank you for a great experience and all your help and support throughout. Best wishes." Seamus Gallagher & Samantha Cutts

"Barrie, thank you for a wonderful trip! We missed each other at the ferry port, but I want to wish you all the best for the future adventures, and congrats on another Rural Portugal adventure expertly led and completed." Renier & Yolandi Botha

"This was our first trip with Barrie, also our first time in Portugal. What a way to explore Portugal, from the coast's stunning secluded beaches then on to Eucalyptus forests, some varied and sometimes challenging tracks, passing by lakes and stunning scenery. Across miles of sandy tracks, on the plains with the scent of the wild flowers, then coming across and passing through quaint, friendly, little Portuguese villages. Then onto high rolling mountain tracks, Barrie always trying to, and finding, different tracks, some gnarly and tight and others with breathtaking scenery. The wilderness camping, some in unforgettable and unbelievable locations, the one by the lake will always stay with us, and always accompanied by Barrie's excellent food. Breakfast, lunchtime and evening meals, and always plenty. Finally this trip was topped off by the great bunch of friends that we made and enjoyed these 10 days, with many thanks for a truly memorable trip." Paul & Kim Russell

"My fifth trip, which says something! Portugal is perhaps, by a small margin, the best trip I have done with Barrie. We spent almost the whole trip on tracks, dusty, but fantastic views, and stunning wildflowers. A lot of wild camping, which everyone really enjoyed, and fantastic sites. The catering was excellent as always, (and the big advantage of going on a catered tour is that it at least usually reduces the endless requests to divert to find a well stocked supermarket). Overall a great trip again, and a great group." Bob Churcher

"We just wanted to say that we had another fantastic trip. We covered many tracks with amazing scenery, and also faced a few amazing off-roading tasks to deal with along the way. We enjoyed the sleepy villages and the friendly locals. Portugal is a fabulous country with much to see and enjoy, and I think the rest of the group would agree with that. We met some very nice people on this trip and everyone got on so well and worked as a team. The food you served was plentiful and tasty and was appreciated by all. Looking forward to our next trip away with you." Clive Morton & Sean Pollard

"Portugal was our first trip with Barrie and certainly won't be our last. We were totally overwhelmed by the varied scenery, from beaches in the South to forests in the North via olive groves in the middle. Barrie's exemplary knowledge of the tracks ensured that the vast majority of our driving was offroad, ensuring magnificent views and at times challenging terrain.The campsites were great but above all we enjoyed the peace and tranquillity of the wild camps. We can thoroughly recommend the fully catered option. The food was plentiful and high quality, and no need to worry about where the next 'supermercado' would be, and the added bonus of not having to carry pots and pans." Fred & Hazel Carruthers

"Setting off from the Algarve area, the terrain changed constantly, from rugged cliff tracks, exploring hidden coves and beaches, to lush meadows and Serengeti-like plains. The further north we headed, this changed to woodland and forests, then rugged mountain tracks, with river crossings thrown in now and again. Fantastic scenery, really giving the impression we were well off the beaten track. Barrie could not have been a better guide, his passion and also his enthusiasm certainly deserve praise, and the standard of catering you could not fault. Who could forget the rib-eye steaks served by the lakeside, enjoying a few beers and a beautiful sunset, while camping wild. To summarise, a fantastic trip and thanks to Barrie and the others for making it that bit more special. I am already checking to see when I can fit another fully catered 4X4 adventure into my life. Thanks, and hope to see you again soon." Ian Foggett

"Portugal was my first experience of a self-drive adventure and what an experience it was! Vast panoramas, river crossings, a handful of wild camps, good laughs and great food. All assembled by Barrie who, it has to be said, made it seamless. A really great 10 days, so many thanks indeed." Simon Ballard

"My third trip with Barrie and another amazing experience. From the coastal tracks in the south through the undulating meadows of the interior, to the spectacular mountains and forests of the north. Portugal is a beautiful , unspoilt, deserted country. May was the perfect time of year to visit, the country was in full bloom and the weather suitably warm, complimented by refreshing beer and great food every evening. The driving was at times challenging and technical, with plenty of river crossings to test the door seals on my Defender."

Charles Bagnall

"We were very happy with your organisation and running of the tour in Portugal. As first-timers to this type of travel we were very pleased to have a gourmet meal cooked for us each evening, which took the load off and gave us time to relax and swap all our experiences of the day. Portugal seems to have everything for the off-roader, with so much to explore. Thanks for your assistance with the vehicle repairs, we will be more than happy to join you on your next expedition." Mike & Maureen Arthur

"Elliott and I both had a good time and enjoyed the company of our fellow explorers. High points included your food (well done!) and the good number of tracks we covered. It seems that inland Portugal has much potential and wild beauty to enjoy. It's worth considering the area in Spring or Autumn as I think the river crossings may be more interesting and the heat a little easier." Kevin Harvey

"I had always dreamt of seeing the Sahara in all its beauty. Barrie did just that! I got the offer from my uncle to join him on this epic adventure, not knowing much about Barrie or 4X4 driving. All I knew was that we would be circumnavigating Morocco, and crossing the empty quarter into Western Sahara, which very few get to experience. Couldn't have got a nicer group of like minded people to share it with. Barrie's expertise, friendliness and home cooking made all the difference. After a challenging days driving, to make camp and have sirloin steaks cooked for you, miles away from any civilisation, couldn't have been better. A very diverse route with dune, rock, rivers and beach driving. Never a dull day. Thanks for an unforgettable trip. Memories to last a life time. 5 stars." Greg Whitaker

"Amazing voyage in the eye of the storm and ‎a fitting end to a fantastic adventure. The journey on the track round the extinct volcano, was just scary. Thank you so much for guiding us through ‎such amazing terrain safely, and without incident." Richard Silver

"Thank you very much once again for all your attention to detail, it was a great Western Sahara trip." David Hankin

"We had the best time, excellent food, company and scenery to blow your mind. Hail stones the size of golf balls interesting too!! I heartily recommend this trip to anyone looking for something different for a holiday. Thank you Barrie, we had a great trip." Chris Staniforth

"Barrie was very highly recommended by a friend of mine, but not having ever ventured off road I booked the Western Sahara tour with some trepidation. Any concerns were quickly dismissed however! Barrie's skill, experience and judgement as a tour guide was immediately obvious, and his ability to tailor routes on the fly ensured we received the most complete tour possible; invaluable in mitigating one particular freak change in the weather and acting on fresh local intelligence to keep us safe. The catered service was excellent and the quality of food exceeded my expectations. The benefit of having someone prepare meals at the end of a full days' driving was greatly appreciated and meant that we could travel further, and see more, within the time available. I'm pleased to be able to recommend Barrie whatever your own driving experience, and am already looking forward to my next trip!" Jon Sewell-Rutter 

"This was our first 4X4 tour, therefore our first tour with Barrie. The experience started many months before the actual tour date, where Barrie was always available to answer questions on equipment and vehicle selection (we didn't have a suitable 4X4 when booking, but soon became the proud owners of a 300tdi Discovery). The Deep South and Western Sahara is a fantastic tour that concentrates on the remoteness of the Sahara Occidental, south of the Anti Atlas mountain range. Once we had motored down to Tiznit, the 4X4 adventure began, steaming along flat dusty plains, then trundling over more rocky outcrops and dried up wadi's, to eventually navigating through sandy hillocks and the dunes near Laayoune.We set up base every evening in either a purpose built campsite (often with showers and other creature comforts), or in the wilderness somewhere in the desert. We would never have thought that we would prefer the wild camping to the campsites, but there is something very satisfying about camping in the desert, sitting around a camp fire, gazing at the Milky Way and exchanging stories with like-minded people. The tour was complimented with a day in Marrakech, staying in a charming Riad close to the Medina and its Djemaa El Fna square. We spent hours exploring the many Souks for souvenirs and enjoyed a drink in a delightful coffee house. The square is a hype of activity in the evening, wafting tempting aromas from the many food stalls and eateries. Our evening peaked with a lamb and prune Tagine at a roof top restaurant overlooking the hustle and bustle below. The fully catered option took away all the pressure and time associated with shopping in an unfamiliar environment, cooking and of course washing up pots and pans. Being South African, Barrie is a Master of the Braai, producing delicious meals of generous proportions. It was clear from the tenderness and flavours that meat was sourced from quality suppliers. As a Guide, Barrie is in the first instance a professional. He has a very likeable leadership style that is relaxed and sociable, but knows when to be robust and is decisive when necessary. We thoroughly enjoyed this tour and look forward to our next adventure. We can highly recommend this tour to anyone that is considering visiting Morocco and the Western Sahara as part of a guided tour." Darren & Monique Thomas

"Just back from Morocco, another really good trip, my fourth. Some really good remote desert travelling down the Draa Valley, and a great drive along Plage Blanche on the return." Bob Churcher

"Another great trip! Having done a few now, it was up to Barrie's usual high standard. I was a bit worried about the long journey down through Morocco, but it was well worth the effort when we got there. The route and the driving and the food were well planned and I enjoyed the whole trip. Looking forward to doing one of Barrie's trips next year." Lawrie Bowden

"Thanks for another brilliant holiday in Morocco. Looking forward to booking another trip with you." Richard Hamilton

"Thanks, great trip, looking forward to Portugal." Melvyn Langford (following his fifth trip and having just booked two more)

"Morocco this February was again a great trip in every respect. We got down to the Western Sahara, did some lengthy and adventurous off roading, being away from the road for days at a time, followed by some spectacular routes in the Anti-Atlas. We had great food every night, and a good balance between wild camping and campsites. It was a great bunch of fellow travellers, and some good friendships made, or reinforced." Bob Churcher

"With so many new routes being taken, there was no shortage of excitement and adrenaline rushes. Long stretches of pistes in the Western Sahara, mountain pistes and rock climbs in Morocco, rounded off each day with the most excellent meals. It was possibly one of our best expeditions yet, particularly when you also take into account the friendships that have been forged with the most excellent fellow travellers. We have been on other expeditions before, but this was our 3rd with Barrie. Alyson and I were Barrie's first ever clients back in 2008, a fact that we can safely say we are very proud of. It is fantastic to see how experienced Barrie has become over the years. Would we recommend anyone to book with Barrie? Most definitely, Alyson and I are anxiously waiting for his full 2014 tour schedule to be published." Trevor Green & Alyson Upton

"Hazel and I had a fantastic trip with great food and super company.  The Anti Atlas and Sahara Desert has been our best trip with you so far and definitely exceeded our expectations.  The scenery was spectacular and the routes varied.  Although challenging, at times, we all got through without too much drama.  It just goes to show what team work, well prepared vehicles and a knowledgeable guide can achieve. The great thing about Barrie's tours is that we are regularly taken outside our comfort zone, but at no time did we feel exposed to excessive risk.  The wild camps in the gorges and the desert were so peaceful, just watching the sun going down and the sky filling with stars.  The memory of the sun rising over the desert will last for a long time.  Our riad in Marrakech was the perfect finish to a memorable trip.  We're still not sure if all our purchases in the souks were bargains but we had great fun haggling for every item.  The Berber rug is now in place on the living room floor and looks splendid. Finally both Hazel and I would like to say what a pleasure it was to have Louis on the trip.  He's smart and has a sharp wit but was always polite to all of us.  He is a credit to both you and Jana. Regards,"

Fred & Hazel Carruthers

"Loved this trip. Awesome. Can't wait to go back to Morocco. And on other adventures...Cheers," Heather Bullen

"Another fantastic trip with Barrie. His cooking was again up to the highest standard. Sardinia is a beautiful island, with some fantastic unspoilt areas. I shall remember the wild camp in the gorge, watching an eagle soaring on the thermals. Not a holiday, an adventure!"

Ian Foggett

"My 4th trip with Barrie and we made it back safely albeit heavier after 2 weeks of Barrie's great food. The beauty of a catered tour, you don't have to worry about what to eat, what to buy or the cooking, just sit back at the end of the day and soak up the rays with a beer in hand. Sardinia is a beautiful island, with a beautiful rugged coast line and an unspoiled interior with lots of mountain tracks to explore. The tracks were at times testing with some gnarly axle twisters to keep us on our toes, even if our wheels weren't all on the ground! April was a perfect time to visit Sardinia, warm sunshine, bursting with spring colours and free from the hoards of summer tourists and campers." Charles, Jane, Joe & Charlie Bagnall

"Myself, my wife and my dog joined Barrie on his Pyrenees tour in 2016. As our first long distance trip with the truck, and our first experience of a guided tour, Barrie did a great job, looking after the group, keeping us all fed and watered and adapting as necessary for the varying requirements of the group. The group bonded really well, and there was definitely a good group feeling, despite the different backgrounds and objectives of the participants, and the CB banter served only to enhance the experience. We will definitely consider another tour with Barrie in the future, a few more modifications and Morocco beckons." Graham Rance

"This was our second trip with Barrie and once again we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, Barrie even booked the weather.  Great company, great routes and great food.  Some of the views through the Pyrenees were stunning, especially the route through the valley of the Rio Bellos.  We saw Catalonia at its best, the trees were just beginning to turn and the grape pickers and mushroom pickers were out in force.  If only we knew more about fungi it would have been mushroom omelettes for breakfast." Fred & Hazel Carruthers

"Another great Pyrenees trip with stunning scenery and fantastic food." Lawrie Bowden & Bob Lavender

"Many thanks for a great Pyrenees 4X4 adventure. We enjoyed travelling from the Med to the Bay of Biscay, along tracks through the countryside and national parks. The views were spectacular, and some of the tracks challenging. It was good to meet people going about their daily lives; bringing in the grape harvest by hand from steeply sloping individual plots, to see families gathering huge baskets full of wild mushrooms in the forest, watching the magnificent Percherons being moved to new grazing, cattle being checked on the very steep mountainside and, most spectacular of all, the hundreds and hundreds of sheep being driven down from the high pastures. The company of fellow travellers was great, the camping fun, the bars in tiny villages and campsites welcoming (who were even playing Martin’s music!) Needless to say, at the end of a hard day’s driving, to have such wonderful food prepared for us was a real bonus. The BBQ's were outstanding! This is our second trip with you and we are looking forward to the next one." Mike & Kate Harley

"Thanks for a brilliant time! It was one of those holidays that just can't be summed up easily, as we can't do it justice. Our first trip, fantastic time, will definitely be doing another. Thanks again Barrie, it was great meeting you and the group, for an awesome trip." Steve Groves

“Another great trip, stunningly beautiful Pyrenees mountain tracks and magnificent views. Great campsites and great company, thanks again.” Bob Churcher

"Thank you for the wonderful Pyrenees trip and organisation, and please thank all the other friends for their wonderful warmth and friendship during these days. Thank you for the fine moments, 24 hours a day, we spend together. Smiling faces and the perfect spirit we could share, so nice. Barrie, thanks for everything and bring them safe on the arrival." Fred van Eesbeke

"A great Pyrenees trip, much improved by the mixed weather giving us all different challenges, both off road and at night. Great food, and a fantastic group of people allowing us to make new friends. Will be back with you again Barrie in 2015 for a different adventure."

Richard & Trish Williams

"Our first overland trip, and it certainly won't be our last with Barrie. Challenging routes that we would never have found by ourselves, breath-taking views, and excellent catering." Andrew Brierley

"Just finished the Pyrenees. Once again it was a brilliant trip, (my third) – all new tracks and some fantastic views. Cooked breakfasts, good campsites and lovely evening meals around the barbeque. Thanks again and I am now booked for Morocco next month."

Bob Churcher

"Kids and I had a wonderful time that none of us will every forget. Barrie is very knowledgable, organised and helpful, he ensured everyone got the most from a great weekend. Thanks" David Potts

"Had a great weekend with Barrie and looking forward to our trip to Portugal. A good route with a bit of everything and great food."

Chris & Gill Starmer

"A truly excellent journey, escaping into the wilds of the Pyrenees. I would recommend this trip to both the novice off-roader and to the more experienced driver, as there is something for everyone. All day, every day, we were travelling off-road routes that the normal tourist would not know even existed; traversing mountain tracks through stunning scenery that puts to shame anything the UK has to offer. This, coupled with not having to worry about shopping for food, cooking etc, made the whole expedition a memorable experience. Would I travel with Barrie again? I have already booked my next trip." Melvyn Langford

"We really enjoyed our second trip to the Pyrenees with Barrie. The scenery was brilliant and the tracks chosen were varied, with some more challenging sections. Barrie's mastery of the barbeque made for excellent evening meals, very relaxing after a day's drive. It was a pleasure to be in your company once more Barrie and we will certainly travel with you again in the future. We would definitely recommend a holiday with Barrie." John & Claire Wardle

"Just returned from Pyrenees trip, what an excellent holiday. We read about the scenery prior to departure, but when you see the views for real from the many beautiful passes, it is stunning, definitely very much a trip to remember. Along different tracks every day, some not used by anyone for ages, the offroading is varied and suitable for all levels of experience; and when it does get tricky, Barrie will be there to help everyone through. We had a couple of places with deeply washed out track where you needed a spotter, but Barrie got us all through with no drama or damage. Standard 4X4's can manage this trip really well so long as the guidance about preparation is followed. You cannot comment on one of Barrie's tours without mentioning the catering. There is no middle ground here, the food is always excellent, really tasty and ready for you when you are ready in the evening, which is such a positive part of the experience. With the rest of the group around the braai in the evening, slurping some locally purchased vino, which although cheap, is also very good quality, this part of the day is also something to remember! After some consideration, we decided the Barnsley chops only marginally beat the Spaghetti Bolognaise, but the other dishes, such as the Salmon, were also number one contenders. We took along our German Shepherd, Ziva, who also enjoyed the trip! One feature of this holiday is that most of the camping is in full camp sites, to be compliant with the rules about camping in the national parks. We saw that Barrie is extremely careful to follow the local laws, not stepping or driving anywhere not permitted. On the plus side, this means full facilities each evening, so for anyone concerned about comfort, this trip scores top in that department as well. Would we go again? We are working out dates, so yes, definitely. Would we do this with other tour companies? Almost certainly not, why have to make all that other preparation like fridges, food, and so on – Barrie takes care of all that, leaving you just to enjoy yourself! Be seeing you on a future trip!" Mike & Maureen Arthur

"The food was great and plentiful, the people terrific and the views were stunning! Not to have to worry about food purchase and preparation was a lovely change, and Barrie proved to be a very good chef on a couple of gas rings!" Garry Poole

"What an amazing tour, as my first overland trip I was a little nervous, but I needn't have worried. Barrie made everything so stress-free and effortless, and he makes the best paella ever! Fantastic driving, and exploring the Pyrenees mountain scenery was just incredible. All in all it was a brilliant trip, and the only way to really travel." Tammy Elkins

"The trip was a great success from my point of view, it is a holiday that will stick with me for a long time. It is the first time I have done something like this and I loved every minute. It is all about the people, and that definitely made the trip. My Dad and I are incredibly grateful to Barrie for setting up this trip, he lead it well and the meals were well prepared. I do hope to be on one of these trips again." Sean Brierley

"I really enjoyed our trip across the Pyrenees, you made us feel very welcome. It was amazing to see the beautiful scenery, and the wildlife. My favourite was the vultures. Every meal we had was very nice, and filling. The people on this trip were all very welcoming. The overall feel of the trip was brilliant, I would definitely go on another one." Jordan Lockett

"Thank you for being so helpful and flexible, it really was a very good trip, with excellent catering and hospitality. The food, company and views were all amazing! It was a real pleasure to spend time with you and we look forward to doing it again." Iain & Mickie Prophet

"Having been involved with 4 wheel drives both social, pleasure and competition for over 20 years I can honestly say that the week spent with Barrie Dunbar on his Pyrenees tour was a totally great experience. From the mountain tracks and scenery to the superb food expertly prepared, I could not have wished for better. A great tour, with fantastic food all presented by one of the nicest guys I have had the pleasure of meeting." Max Knights

"Just finished the Morocco trip. Atlas Mountains and Sahara Desert. This trip has diverse terrain, a great mixture between rocky climbs,sand dunes and forest trekking. Well balanced and very exciting. The mountain passes with just a few feet either side get the heart racing and the views leave you in awe. Getting back to basics and camping out for me was a wonderful change to my normal routine and lifestyle. Has shown me a different side to holidays. I was able to leave work and home life behind and just enjoy the freedom and simplicity of life in its rawest form. Well organised by Barrie, well catered and informative. Would do another one over a 5 star hotel retreat any day. We had an amazing time. Got a real feel for the county and culture. The off roading was challenging and fun. A definite 10/10." Tom Welby & Louis Haseman

"Thanks very much for the best 4x4 off road adventure in Morocco. Very challenging at times, but the scenery was fantastic. The experience will stand out as the best I have had. Barrie always had a great meal ready, so this always gave us more time 4X4 driving, instead of us shopping and cooking. I am looking forward to the next trip." Mark Kenward

"Thanks again for putting on a great trip to Morocco for us. We really enjoyed the routes, scenery and challenges. For us the best bits were the gorge and riverbed rock crawling, as well as the desert driving. As before when we came to the  Pyrenees with you, the food was great and your expertise taught us quite a bit about the importance of the right tyre pressures for our fully loaded LC 80 on muddy trails. Morocco is a fabulous place.  We will be going again." Mark & Mel Newlands

"Following a simply epic first Moroccan tour with Barrie last November, the bug had bitten and several restless months followed.  I hadn't planned to return so soon, but plans quickly changed...The High Atlas tour didn't disappoint; excellent tracks, breath-taking scenery and Barrie's own mix of great catering, technical insight and local knowledge, guaranteed a successful trip - one which could only have been improved with air-conditioning!" Jon Sewell-Rutter

"Overall an amazing trip! The route was fantastic and Barrie led us through some of the most adventurous terrain we have driven yet, from the Cedar Forests to the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert. You could always expect a challenge. Great food and excellent knowledge of the local/surrounding area makes this trip very professional, we would recommend it to anyone. Hoping to travel with Barrie again in the future." Richard & Lewis Hamilton

"I recently completed a fully catered 4X4 tour to Morocco. Barrie bills these trips as expeditions and that is a fair description. An expedition should not be regarded as a soft option and the Morocco trip is not for the fainthearted. You need a good car and a steady nerve as some of the driving is rather challenging and there is a lot of it! The ages of my fellow travellers ranged from early twenties to creeping into their 70's, so anyone with a 'can do' attitude can join in and have a great time. The reward is a fantastic journey through the wilds of Morocco along some truly outstanding routes. Oh and every night Barrie serves up a superb meal! Barrie promises to 'Lead and Feed' and he certainly does that. I have travelled to many remote parts of the world but this trip to Morocco will always stand out as very special."

Byron Jackson

"Here are our comments on a fantastic trip: Two extremes; wild camping in the Cedar Forests and waking to a snow covered winter wonderland, and wild camping in the Sahara Desert with a canopy of millions of stars. And in between those were days of driving remote trails, or even no trails at all, with many wow factors along the way. We had a fantastic trip with a good group of people and Barrie certainly knows Morocco. Another big plus was having all our meals prepared by Barrie, and he did good! Would we go with Barrie again? - Yes." John & Pauline Smith

"This trip was beyond any expectations I had. Barrie's fully catered 4X4 tours are a great way to really explore parts of a country whilst enjoying great driving with a great bunch of people. It really was a great trip and I will strongly recommend it to any friends or family. Hoping to come on another!" Tom Thacker

"A 4X4 is the perfect way to explore a country with as much to offer as Morocco. We experienced a fantastic ratio of exciting off-roading and Moroccan culture, topped off by exquisite cooking in the evenings. I'm looking forward to following Barrie on my next tour."

Nick Spencer

"Wow we had an amazing time and viewed parts of Morocco most normal visitors never see. The tracks we took were testing and adventurous. The food was good and we are looking forward to our next trip with you to Portugal." Lawrie Bowden & Bob Lavender

"Thank you from us both for such a wonderful experience, we have found it hard to put it all into words and have some very jealous family and friends! It was truly a marvellous and exciting expedition. The food was expertly prepared, cooked and presented, from cured meat salads at lunch time to tagines or salmon cooked on the BBQ in the evenings. Secondly, with regards to the Botswana & Namibia fly drive safari..." Dom Faiers & Mandy Brereton

"Thanks very much for the best off-roading experience we have ever had in Africa - this was our third trip to North Africa and it was superb that the only tarmac used was that essential in getting there. The trip was sufficiently challenging to be exciting, without any major incidents, and the countryside was just awe-inspiring, with totally unexpected variety and diversity in the landscape and scenery."

Honor Gilbert & John Goves

"Barrie managed to pack in as much remote adventuring as he could, while balancing the need to maintain the safety and comfort of the group. Barrie's laid back leadership and easy humour ensured that a group of diverse strangers quickly became firm friends. Thanks for a totally different and unique Morocco experience, we hope to join you again in the future." Geoff & Glenda Gregory

"Thanks for an awesome trip, it was everything I hoped it would be. Day 2 was amazing - I completed 'My Own Camel Trophy' through the Jaffar Gorge followed by the Cirque Jaffar, plenty of road-building, boulder-crawling and winching. I often had to remind myself to blink! The food was great; substantial sandwiches for lunch and excellent BBQ's or Casseroles for dinner. If it's a lot of challenging off-road driving you're after - then Barrie is your man." Matt Maisey

"My Morocco trip was absolutely fantastic. The food was great, there was plenty of it and I certainly never went hungry. Barrie is a great host and guide, he is easy to get along with, he makes everyone feel welcome and nothing is ever too much trouble for him. The route we took was fantastic, very adventurous and nothing like I have ever imagined or seen before. Once I have my own 4X4, I will definitely be joining Barrie again on another breathtaking adventure." Scott Farrar

"Barrie's a good man and certainly gets my double thumbs up. You're in for a treat when you sign up for one of his trips. It's no canned tour, it's an adventure!" Trevor Lander

"I went on a fully catered 4X4 tour, expecting adventure in the remote parts of Morocco, and I was not disappointed! The truly spectacular scenery could be appreciated, at times driving along some relatively demanding pistes. Our group was fantastic, really laid back, and we all found Barrie, and each other, easy to get along with. We had the usual vehicle hiccups, and when required to, Barrie utilised his network of trusted mechanics. My own vehicle, a Discovery 1, was not expensive to purchase or to prepare, and it performed very well. Whatever your vehicle, know it well, as it will be tested, and you will need to rely on it in remote areas." Peter Clark

"If you are looking for the road less travelled, then Barrie is your man. You get to see the real Morocco, whilst enjoying some decent, and at times, challenging off-road driving. Every day is topped off with fantastically catered meals, good company, and memories to last a lifetime. Ten out of ten." Nick Rosenberg

"Thanks for an amazing trip, Heather, Seb and myself had a wonderful time. From the moment we all met at Portsmouth, the trip felt like a proper expedition in the fantastic company of like minded people, all with well prepared vehicles. I have to admit that before the trip we were a little concerned about how Seb would cope, but safe to say he had an amazing time and an 8th birthday that I doubt he'll ever forget; his trip was made all the better thanks to sharing the adventure with Louis, who has an obvious love of Morocco and exploration generally.  Heather wasn't sure how she would find the trip, suffice to say she had such a fantastic time, and is the first to start a discussion about when we are going to go back to Morocco! For my part, it was a little wierd returning to Morocco after 27 years and witnessing so much development in infrastructure and tourism; however, thanks to your guiding and desire to go where others don't, I soon started to recognise the country I first explored in my youth. We look forward to travelling with you again, and exploring the High Atlas and/or the Western Sahara. All the best," Matt, Heather & Seb Bullen

"This was our third trip with Barrie and was particularly memorable, we had a special group of people. Having proper meals prepared for us was a real bonus, as with a 90 we have limited space. We had snow, mud and the sands of the desert, what more could you ask for? We particularly enjoyed the wild camping, which was in spectacular locations. Thank you for a wonderful trip, some of the best scenery in Morocco ever." Mike & Kate Harley

"What a great Morocco trip, on reflection better than we ever thought, and huge thanks to Barrie and everyone who made it what it was." Toby van Hay

"This was my first adventure with Barrie, and he took all the hard work out of it by organising all the border crossings and vehicle importation. There aren’t any other operators offering catering, which was a big draw for me - the food was incredible, and no-one went hungry! After a long day of driving, it was a real bonus to be able to set up camp and not worry about cooking. The scenery in Morocco is spectacular, and it was invaluable having an experienced guide on hand to enable us to see the best that Morocco has to offer. The wild camping days in the desert were outstanding!" Nat Keller

"As a first introduction to Morocco, it was a good trip with some great experiences. I found it a very interesting and fascinating country,

with plenty of opportunities for off-roading and numerous tracks to explore. Your catering skills were excellent and offered a good variety

of food, something difficult to achieve over a 2-week period. The camping experience was brilliant, particularly in the desert region. It is definitely a country I would like to visit again and explore further." Mike Parker

"Thank you for an excellent trip. We enjoyed ourselves and thank you for your kindness, patience and great cooking! We look forward to seeing you again soon." Kate & Mike Harley

"What an adventure! We had initially discussed this Morocco trip five years ago and you didn't disappoint when we finally made it on one of your tours! We thoroughly enjoyed the amazing scenery and tracks that you took us through and especially finding those wonderful valleys - memories we aren't likely to forget any time soon! It was great after a day of driving to put our feet up and have fantastic dinners prepared for us - a real treat! We look forward to joining you on another tour." Shelley & Brett Courtney

"A fabulous expedition with great offroading, great company, and great food. An added benefit was the great educational experience for my son, who really enjoyed the company and experience of seeing the reality of life in Morocco. Highly recommended." Mark Davies

"This was our first trip with Barrie and it won't be our last. Barrie's knowledge of Morocco was first class, his food was excellent and his easy going nature made this our trip of a lifetime! Anyone planning a trip should make Barrie their first choice. Thanks Barrie, we will be travelling with you again." Steve Carter

"We have just returned from our second trip with Barrie and yet again we had a great time. Barrie's knowledge of the roads, tracks, local customs and local towns is invaluable. On both trips, Morocco and Western Sahara, we experienced a wide variety of driving conditions including sand, mountains, river beds and hill tracks. After an exciting day of driving, we could relax while Barrie would cook one of his super meals!" Hugh Houlbrook

"This was my second overland trip to Morocco with Barrie. After my first trip I knew it was going to be a proper adventure and I was not disappointed. Barrie certainly ensures you reach the more remote, less travelled parts that other operators fail to find! The wet weather in Morocco before we travelled meant the conditions were suitably challenging and exciting, testing the vehicles and the recovery equipment. Barrie's relaxed leadership style brought the team together quickly. As I remembered, the catering was excellent, with the evening meals providing a welcome end to each day's adventuring. My second trip has left me already planning my third overland trip with Barrie, and I have only been back for a few days." Charles Bagnall

"If you are looking for an adventure and a temporary escape from the daily grind of work and everyday life, an expedition with Barrie will get the adrenaline flowing again, and make you realise what we have all been missing! Book a trip, get out there and go with the flow. The Morocco tour was brilliant. Barrie's leadership was subtle and relaxed, we all contributed to the team spirit and felt like we knew what we were doing, but really only Barrie knew! We pulled up in the middle of nowhere and set up camp, hit sandstorms in the desert, snow ploughs in the mountains, spend a few nights in rustic campsites. Lots of waving and smiley faces along the way from villagers, topped off by grinning, occasionally manic, 4X4 tourers! Excellent time and people, thank you. Portugal (2013) here we come!" Jean Carter

"Thanks for a great trip! We really did get off the beaten track - and it was proper exploration. I've been to Morocco several times, but I had no idea the places you took us would be so fantastic. It was great to have so much real off-road driving too; no-one else runs trips as good as this. What a brilliant tour, I'm already thinking about coming again. Let's hope it's not so windy next time." Terry Green

"Thank you for a great experience, which despite the weather, I thoroughly enjoyed. It was tough on occasions, but of course it was not meant to be a beach holiday! Once again, many thanks for your dedication and hard work, it was really appreciated. I will keep a watch on your website for possible future adventures. Kind regards," Ian Paul

"We both enjoyed your trip to Morocco. The scenery, the off-road driving and the company were fantastic. It was good to be needing low-range and to be using my winch. I had feared the weather conditions may be too hot, but in fact the temperatures were just right. It is my intention to join you again, should you be running another fully catered 4X4 trip at the same time next year." Richard Clarke

"Enjoying Barrie's fantastic cuisine in a backdrop of spectacular wild scenery, who could ask for more?" Adrian Winn

"I booked with Barrie early this year (especially as the tour was fully catered and I hate cooking) after hearing some good things about him. I can confirm that South African, Barrie Dunbar is a no-nonsense man who knows his stuff (and he's a great cook). I can thoroughly recommend Barrie, I would confidently follow him anywhere." Charles Spencer

"It was an absolute pleasure to travel with you again. Alyson and I enjoyed the Western Sahara very much. As our second expedition with Barrie, we expected nothing but the best and were not disappointed. We travelled long distances across desert pistes without seeing anyone else, spent nights under the stars, drove along endless beaches, wet marshland, and through remote places anyone else would have avoided. This is what it's all about, isn't it? To top it off was the contrast of a drive through the Atlas to Marrakech. Meeting new friends and having the most excellent food cooked for us every night was the real bonus." Trevor Green & Alyson Upton

"The trip of a life-time that I'd want to do again and again. Spectacular driving followed by delicious food. Already planning the next trip with Barrie." Neil Gregson

"A fantastic trip. We went to some very remote places, camped out, and yet we still ate like kings! The catering was superb, which made for a relaxed trip enabling us to really appreciate the beauty of Morocco and Western Sahara." Mark Evenden

"A fantastic trip with such varied landscape, scenery and driving conditions. We particularly enjoyed wild camping under the stars in the remoteness of Western Sahara. The catering was outstanding throughout, and contributed to a very relaxing holiday. We are looking forward to travelling with Barrie again in the future." Graham & Linda Cooper

"A great drive through the Marrakech medina! A good trip with perfect BBQ's and unforgettable mountain views. Very good for practising haggling." Neil Hughes & Anthony Davies

"Barrie is a versatile and flexible guide - he will tailor your trip to suit, no matter how testing you might want it. Great wild camping in the wilderness." James Greenwood & Michael Pope

"A great Morocco trip by a very good leader providing lots of challenging off-roading. The food is excellent, there's great fun for all and you are kept entertained." Mark Aughton & Matthew Slinger


“Sorry we haven't been in touch earlier, no sooner had we got back then we were away again.  However, now back at the 'coal face' and have a chance to write and thank you for a really enjoyable time in the Alps!  Your cooking was second to none and mealtimes were so enjoyable.  It was a real break for me to not have to cook on a holiday, but still enjoy all of the adventure of over landing and wild camping.  We loved the amazing tracks and awesome views and you were really kind and patient with our two young boys.  Thank you so much for giving us a great family holiday and we have sung your praises to all that listen!” Pete, Jo, Ben & Luke Forshaw

“As a ‘gear test’ for a planned off-road trip next year, we decided to take the Alps tour with Barrie. Apart from taking advantage of Barrie’s local knowledge of the tracks and terrain, we'd decided that we’d quite enjoy being pampered for a change as we're normally completely "solo" and self-sufficient. We wouldn’t have to feed ourselves or work out where to go but instead enjoy the company of like-minded people and the scenery while testing our kit in more demanding situations than are possible at home. Barrie would take care of the rest. We were not disappointed! The tour was everything we expected it to be - almost... We were definitely not prepared for the quality of Barrie's organisation and customer support. This was excellent, a notable aspect of the trip and was clearly thought out. As is often said, “it’s not the destination but the journey” which is the best part of travelling, and our journey through the Alps this Summer was one of the more enjoyable trips we’ve completed. The company was excellent, the scenery magnificent, the food superb. Even the rather mixed bag of weather we experienced added an unexpected ingredient to the mix – there’s something rather eerie - but magical - in driving ut of the trees and tops of the clouds into brilliant sunshine having been enveloped in mist for an hour or two. Overall impression? Excellent value - and a good mix of activity given that Barrie has to conjure up a plan that will suit all comers in all weathers. The downside? Well, I don't usually plan to come home from a mountain holiday weighing five pounds more than when I left......Would we do it again? Absolutely." Mike & Sue Wood

"We had a great time on Active 4x4 Adventure’s Wiltshire 4x4 Weekend. Both days were extremely well planned and organised with a wide variety of tracks, challenges and wonderful scenery. Barrie is an excellent host, the food was very good and the mix of activity and adventure was spot on. We’d thoroughly recommend his trips and are already booked on our next one!" Fiona Tarrant & Ian Miles


"A fantastic weekend with Barrie in Wiltshire. A great two day tour with a hotel stay over in Marlborough, hotel is great place to socialise with all guest in the evening and great food in the restaurant. Off roading on some great picturesque lanes. A great weekend shake down before heading to Portugal with Barrie in May 2022." Gareth Richardson & Mitch Randle

"Barrie is a welcoming and generous guide and host putting everyone at their ease.  We had great fun driving along hidden byways with a mini adventure round every corner.  BRILL." Anne & Rob Billings


"Another great trip with Barrie in the picturesque Wiltshire countryside exploring the many and varied, at times challenging, green lanes that tested the traction control modes and low range of my discovery leaving it suitably muddy. The evening stop over hotel in Marlborough provided comfortable accommodation and an opportunity to meet other participants over a drink or two at the bar."

Charles & Jane Bagnall

"Fun, banter and a great weekend in Wiltshire.  The truck got muddy and the sun shone.  What more could you ask for?  Thanks Barrie - great job :-)" Nigel & Petra Barnes


"The Provence trip was a great trip, lots to see and our boys loved it too. See you soon on another adventure." Michelle Hannigan


“We had a fun weekend with Barrie and a great bunch of like minded friendly people. It was lovely to relax and enjoy the driving experience and rifle shooting without having to worry about anything....not even breakfast, lunch or dinner. We hope to see you again hopefully with the tent box and sun cream. THANK YOU !!” Julie Beaumont & Paul Worbey

“Very pleased to have met Barrie for the Wiltshire w/e, hotel was spot on a perfectly placed for the weekend. We shall be booking trips now for next year. Looking forward to our next trip, maybe the ice won’t be so thick next time. I must also mention the rest of the group who were a pleasure to be with.” Clive Wilkinson & Pauline Hall

“Great weekend with good company and good food.  Hope to join you on more tours soon!” Fred Lambrechts
“A brilliant weekend with a professional and friendly company. Lots of great off-roading, nice choice of campsite, lovely bunch of people and I think I’ve put on half a stone thanks to fabulous catering too! We were lucky enough to get the added bonus of a live military training session taking place along one route with a host of Challenger tanks passing within feet of us. Highly recommend doing this and we hope very much to do further trips with Barrie and Active 4x4 Adventures.” Sarah & Paul Harward


"Just like to say what a great Wiltshire weekend I had. Weather was great, so were the group of people, everybody mucking in to help those that got stuck. Food was excellent. Well worth the drive from Yorkshire. So good in fact I have just booked the French & Italian Alps tour for next August. You yourself the perfect guide, nothing was too much trouble for you, handing out help and guidance when needed. Looking forward to next year already. Thank you." David Chase

"It was a fantastic trip, thank you! We're already planning to head back next year. Such a beautiful part of the world." Sheree Goodhead

"Thanks for a great Wiltshire tour last weekend. We are all still talking about it which can only be a good sign. It was really great to do something as a whole family that we were all involved in, which given the large age range of our kids is not always easy. We want to book up for Alps 2016. We are very much hoping the dates stay as similar to this year. Do you know when dates will be sorted as we intend to book before 1st Sept?" Guy Walker

"Barrie and his family were very friendly and we all got on really well and enjoyed their company. The food was really good. We would recommend him and do another tour." Donna Ashford

"Thanks for what was a superb weekend, and while the great weather we had played a part, the tour of the Wiltshire countryside was very enjoyable! The variety of trails, the views, the food, the like minded people who we shared it all with, and the obvious immense prior planning on your part, all made for a very exciting weekend that we can't wait to do again." Jon Aston & Karen Souster

"Day one off-road with Barrie in Wiltshire: Great day out, some good fun off-roading and rounded off with a great BBQ. Looking forward to tomorrow. Day two: More from Salisbury Plain with Barrie. Thanks for making it a great weekend." Tim Lunn

"Cheers Barrie, Elliot and I had a great time on your Wiltshire 4X4 tour. Food was great, hope to see you soon." Andy Sherlock

"Thanks for a really good weekend, we learnt a lot. It was great to see your kit and the stuff the other guys brought along. We will definitely be in touch in the future." Nigel & Vicki Robinson

"If you have the urge for a 4X4 adventure exploring the Salisbury Plains, covering 300 square miles (780 km2) of chalky tracks and green lanes, look no further. Barrie's 4X4 Wiltshire Weekend gives it all. Driving your own 4X4, criss cross over the plains, passing Stonehenge and riding through the Defence Training Estate, expedition style! Following the lead of one the UK's leading 4X4 expedition tour leaders, ensures a fun filled, eventful and educational weekend. All this and fully catered on top! A huge thank you to Barrie for making this weekend one to remember!" Renier & Yolandi Botha

"Been on a number of trips with Barrie, I'm hooked!" Aidan Hannigan

"Both Hayley and I loved the off roading in Wiltshire. A brilliant weekend and we hope to do it again soon." Greg Martynovych

"Thanks for a great weekend. It was really well organised and had a great variety of lanes to drive. Had a great group of people and some even better food in the evening. Would highly recommend this Wiltshire tour to anyone wanting an introduction to green laning or a great weekend's fun in the UK. Thanks again and hope to join you again soon on another trip." Michael Worcester

"Thanks for organising a great weekend in Wiltshire. The tracks were very good, and challenging in places, which is the good reason for doing your tours. The food was first class, and lots of it. Lawrie is looking forward to this week's next adventure with you to Sardinia."

Bob Lavender & Lawrie Bowden

"The group were cheerful and mutually supportive, which they needed to be on the two days of deep snow trails involving multiple “recoveries”, winching and lots of digging. The Massif is a fabulous area and a bonus to see some of it in sunshine as well as under snow. As ever with Barrie, well led and a real determination to provide a good experience for his clients." Tony & Brenda Hill


"Thoroughly enjoyed the fully catered Massif 4X4 tour." Jonathan Smith


"So Barrie, these are our thanks and words for you and hope to share a trip again with you my friend:

Dear  friends of the Massif Central trip, (a week with the English was a good reason to clean up our school-English.....thanks)

The snow, the fog and rain, the sunshine, yes we had it all on this 4X4 voyage. Special thanks to Tony & Bren for the wonderful and practical cup (which has a vast place now in the Discovery on our 4X4 trips), Jonathan, George and Aidan for their fine technical explanations, Chris and Steve for also helping with their bare hands in the snow..... and last but not least, the guy in the front car, the leader of the band, the guide on the tracks....the Barrie-man himself, just as I knew him as on a former trip. Thank you all for your friendship, helping hands in winching situations, and your warmth we could share these days (even in the bar in the late hours...)"

Fred & Viviane Van Eesbeke

"The trip was fantastic and it was a real pleasure travelling with you. Already planning my next trip and hopefully won't be solo next time. I'm also selling the benefits of your trips hard to everyone I speak to." Mark White


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